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Political thriller made in Québec in 1994, written and directed by Pierre Falardeau, OCTOBRE witnesses its author’s fascination for docufiction. Falardeau creates a fictionalization of the events leading to the death of a F.L.Q. hostage in 1970. This fictionalization is however based on one of the alleged executors’ personal rendition of the events, that of Francis Simard, which Simard develops in his 1993 essay « Pour en finir avec Octobre ». Those interested in this exceptional chapter of Québec history may be interested to acknowledge Pierre Vallières’ different view on the topic, view developed in another document featured on this channel, « la liberté en colère — freedom outraged — part 5 of 6 ».

In the meantime, Falardeau offers a stone-cold political thriller, possibly the best ever made in Québec. Falardeau’s cutting and shooting are strangely remote and distant from classic character construction techniques. The director avoids building shot/reverse shots segments targeted at privileging a few character’s viewpoints to the detriment of others. Instead, with Falardeau, all characters are allowed their own sphere of legitimacy: each is depicted, in terms of narration style, with equal closeness. This is a mark of Falardeau’ great respect and tact towards its delicate subject matter, and ultimately towards film viewers themselves — similar to the approach of 1970s directors such as Norman Jewison, Peter Bogdanovitch and Sidney Lumet.

In short, unexpendable viewing for anyone interested in Québec’s incessant fight for national affirmation and collective freedom. OCTOBRE is here brought to the WWW for the first time in 480px HQ — which is the highest resolution currently available anywhere. Let us pray for a bluray disc release of this great flick sometime before the year 4013.

OCTOBRE is not integrally reproduced on this posting: jaaaacques has tampered the original edit at 00:30:18 to include a picture of Québec poet Gaston Miron.

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